4 Aug 2016

Instant Deliveries

When you order online, you usually have a choice of how quickly it should be delivered. But I would like to see instant deliveries. By which I mean that the delivery guy should be on his way to my house within 5 minutes of placing the order. And he shouldn't stop anywhere else on the way. You'd have real-time tracking, seeing his location on the map.

It should be as fast as it would be if I had to go to the shop to buy something. Actually, faster, since I have to make two trips: one from my house to the shop, and one back. The delivery guy has to make just one trip.

Imagine you're flying out in two hours, and realise you've forgotten something you need for your trip.
Or you're going to a friend's wedding, and you need to buy a gift. Or you're excited by something and want to have it now. And so on. There's a real need for this.

E-commerce sites should offer instant delivery in metros. Each warehouse should have a number of delivery guys standing by for instant deliveries. And when one is placed, one of them gets on the bike and leaves.

If your order requires items from two warehouses in the city — if there's no single warehouse that has all the items you ordered — you'd be charged double the delivery fee.

The instant delivery guys, while they wait in the warehouse, can work in the warehouse. The number of standbys can also be adjusted up and down based on demand, like fewer in off-peak hours. If all of them happen to be out at a certain time, then the Instant Delivery option should be greyed out in the checkout screen, to avoid making a promise that can't be kept.

This solves one of the problems with e-commerce, which is that it takes more time than going to a shop. This is, in a way, counter-intuitive — technology should make things faster, not slower.

It's time for instant deliveries.

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