27 Jun 2016

(Right-click the image and open it in a new tab so that you can see it.)

I watched a particular episode of a playlist on Youtube, and wanted to continue from there. So I opened Safari’s History, and I was greeted by this UI. Can you tell which part the most recent video was? All you can see is that it starts with “1”. It could be anything from 11 to 19.

I had to widen the column to be able to see this. Why didn’t the developer bother to use the right size, when there’s so much free horizontal space on my 27-inch iMac? Layouts should always expand if their current width clips the content, and there’s available space to expand. When I adjust it manually, it forgets the adjusted size when I close the history tab, and later open it again.

A little more attention to detail would have helped.

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