11 Jun 2016

Pro Tablets Are Actually Heavier Than Light Laptops

Pro tablets like the 13-inch iPad and the Surface Pro 4 claim to be lighter alternatives to laptops. But they are actually heavier than a light laptop like the 12-inch Macbook, when you include the tablets’ keyboard covers. The Macbook is 900-something grams, while the 13-inch iPad and Surface Pro 4 both weigh 1000-something grams [1].

This drastically reduces their already low appeal. I thought the flip side of the many compromises pro tablets ask you to make is that you have a lighter device than a laptop, but if that’s not true, there’s no point buying a pro tablet, at least not for me [2]. Instead buy the 12-inch Macbook, or similar sub-kg Windows laptops. Or use your phone. Or buy a non-pro tablet and use it as a content consumption device.

[1] The 12-inch Macbook weighs 920 grams. The 13-inch iPad weighs 713 grams, while its keyboard cover weighs 340 grams, for a total of 1.05 kg.  The Surface Pro 4 weighs 766 grams, while its type cover weighs 310 grams, for a total of 1.08 kg.

[2] Not counting the 10-inch iPad Pro, which seems to be “pro” only in the marketing sense. It even has the same 2GB memory that the iPad Air 2 had two years ago. How can a pro tablet not be any more powerful than a non-pro tablet, that too a two-year old one? That would be like the 2015 Macbook Pro being as powerful as the 2013 Macbook Air.

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