20 Mar 2016

BigBasket sets a high bar for simple, customer-friendly pricing

To begin with, delivery is free if the order reaches or exceeds ₹1000. Amazon, by contrast, has a complicated formula depending on whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon. That’s not something you as a customer should have to care about.

And if your order is less than ₹1000, the delivery charge is just ₹20, much less than Amazon or Flipkart, despite groceries being much heavier.

BigBasket also lets you choose a slot for delivery, again free. Amazon again charges you to choose a slot.

Further, BigBasket offers express delivery of under two hours. Not all items are eligible for express delivery, but if some items in your order are, you can opt for express delivery for those items at no extra charge. In other words, BigBasket happily makes two deliveries instead of one at no extra charge.

Once you place an order, if you realise that you forgot some items, you can place another order for delivery in the same slot, even if the second order is just ₹10, again with no extra fee.

This is impressive. I have no patience with services that impose complex, opaque pricing structures (or, worse, subscriptions, like some American e-grocery services do). Everyone who’s in e-commerce should learn from BigBasket.

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