19 Feb 2016

The iPhone Supports Too Many Video Formats

The iPhone 6s offers me the following video formats:

As if that’s not enough, there are two more choices for slo-mo:

Apple should simplify this by offering only one resolution for each frame rate — the maximum the phone can handle. That is:

- 240 FPS (720p)

- 120 FPS (1080p)

- 60 FPS (1080p)

- 30 FPS (Ultra HD)

Get rid of other choices like 720p or 1080p30. Nobody wants their videos to be blurry, at 720p. And nobody wants their videos to be jerky, shot at 30 FPS at 1080p, when they could shoot at 60 FPS at the same resolution.

If storage space is a problem, make the base model 32GB. 16GB is anyway too small. Apple is a premium brand — they stand for a great user experience, and for not offering too many choices to cater to every possibility. Instead, they like to make the right choices on our behalf so that things work well without users having to become tech experts and having to fiddle too much with the settings. Getting rid of these other video formats and increasing the storage of the base model [1] of the iPhone [2] is the right thing to do.

[1] People who already have iPhones with only 16GB storage may continue to these these other options. And if someone buys an iPhone today, they should get a 32GB device, even if it’s older model like the 6.

[2] This goes for iPads as well.

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