24 Dec 2015

Improving Apple Keyboards and Mice

Apple should stop selling wired keyboards and mice.

They are a hassle to plug in and out. When I reach my office, I have to plug in multiple cables: keyboard, mouse, video and power [1]. This is a pain. By contrast, Bluetooth works better — it automatically connects and disconnects, without me needing to do anything.

Wired keyboards also require me to use a USB extension cable because my desktop is under my desk and to the side. This is a hack.

A wired peripheral also runs into issues like having a type C port when you need a type A port or vice-versa. Which needs yet another variety of cable to overcome.

Finally, Macbooks have too few USB ports. No Apple laptop has more than two USB ports. And the 12-inch Macbook has only one [2]. This is too few [3]. I often have a keyboard, mouse, hard disc, security key and phone plugged in.

Apple should also integrate a trackpad [3] into the keyboard. That will result in less clutter on your desk, and one fewer device to charge and/or plug in.

Apple has always been an opinionated company. They don’t try to cater to every last user, to every possible way of doing things. They say, “We think this way is the best”. And that is Bluetooth, in 2015.

[1] USB type C and Thunderbolt are other solutions to this problem, but wireless is another solution, and probably a better one.

[2] It should have had two, instead of a headphone jack. Use Bluetooth headphones, or USB headphones, or a USB to 3.5mm adapter. And the Macbook Air should have at least four ports, and the Pro, six. They have the space, especially with type C.

[3] I find it more ergonomic than a mouse.

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