19 Sep 2015

In Google Maps, when I turn on the public transport layer, I see this purple line showing the path of the metro. Some stations are depicted by an M, but many are missing. And none of the stations are labeled.

This is bad. All the stations should appear on the map, and they should all be labeled, even at this zoom level. Get rid of other labels that take up space needed for the station name, like BINNA MANGALA at the top right. BINNA MANGALA causes two problems here: it takes up the space that’s needed for the name of the station, and it can be mistaken for the station name (which it’s not).

So, all labels that are anywhere close to the route of the metro and aren’t station names should go away, like CAMBRIDGE LAYOUT at the bottom-center. Labels that are far away from the path of the metro and can therefore cause no confusion are okay, like Army Public School next to Ulsoor lake.

When I ask Maps for public transport, the metro stations are the most important piece of information on the map. Things that are unrelated to public transportation should make way for the metro stations.

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