22 Sep 2014

A Cloud Lightroom

It’s sad to see that Adobe had not done enough to bring Lightroom into the cloud world.

For example, when I take photos on my phone, I use Dropbox to automatically transfer them to my PC, at which point I manually add them to Lightroom. The Lightroom mobile apps should instead be able to transfer my photos to Lightroom on my laptop.

This can be via the cloud, or directly to the laptop when both are on the same Wifi network. In either case, it would have to be seamless, so that you don’t have to manually upload the photos or anything. It should just happen automatically, as seamlessly as Dropbox [1]. It’s funny that I have to use Dropbox as an intermediary to get my stuff into Lightroom.

There can be a Lightroom cloud that holds your photos, either as continuous backup (if you have the bandwidth), or user-initiated backups. As in, when I sort through all my photos and delete the ones that are bad and edit the good ones, I press a Backup button, and everything is backed up.

It’d like to see Adobe move the Lightroom app beyond editing, to sync and the cloud.

[1] On Android, Dropbox is indeed seamless — it uploads your photos whenever you reach a Wifi network, such as home or office. On iPhone, due to the limited multitasking API, you have to open the app once in a while to get it to upload the photos. A Lightroom mobile app should be no worse than Dropbox on the same platform.

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