9 Aug 2012

You're Not Running Out Of Time

Summary of a fascinating article:

1. The journey matters — not the goal. The goal keeps changing all the time, anyway, and you'll be unhappy forever.
2. Make sure that you are doing whatever you're doing for the a reason -- to build something, to change something for the better, etc. Play whatever game appeals to you, but make sure the game isn't an end to itself, or it will feel empty pretty soon.
3. Don't compare against targets based on time. Is it more important to do it rapidly or to build something that will last, and bring your vision to life?
4. Don't compare with others — their goals are different.
5. Work, spouse, kids and family are not items to be checked off a list – they are directly based on the vision of the life you are trying to build, and settling based on a clock is merely a guarantee that the vision is being compromised.

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