5 Aug 2012

My Vision for Picasa

Disclosure: I work for Google, but nothing related to Picasa.

Here's my vision of where the Picasa app (not the Picasa Web site) should go:
- Instead of showing only albums on my computer, also show albums that I've uploaded to the web site/Google +, in the same app. I want to see my photos irrespective of details like where they are stored.
- Fix all the glaring bugs. It often refuses to download or upload albums or to sign in, fails silently if you sign in with the wrong account, etc.
- Make it a natural citizen on the Mac. For example, don't quit the app when the window is closed, use a Mac-like theme... 

Especially with the Picasa plugin for iPhoto being killed, a great Picasa app is important, and it's anything but great currently.

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