5 Jul 2009

Why the GPL turns away many contributors

Interesting article that points out how the GPL turns away many contributors, since people are more likely to contribute to a project if they can reuse their work in any project of their choice.
The popular Subversion source control system’s liberal license enabled Sofa, a commercial software business to contribute value to the community with its extremely polished, award-winning client application. Meanwhile, the newly popular distributed source control systems presents three major choices: git, Mercurial, and Bazaar. All are restricted by the GPL-license, and therefore none is likely to inspire development of a Versions-caliber client.
GPL is for people who are either ideologues or don't want commercial vendors to profit by building on their work, while failing to realize that they add value in areas that may be important to users but where the open-source community sucks, like UI design.

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