18 Jul 2008


Some things in life are so strange that you wonder if it's some kind of Lynchian alternate reality or a bizarre joke. Case in point: C++0x. Go ahead; read the wikipedia article. No programmer ever woke up and said, "C++ is such a simple language. We need to add more stuff." Honestly, what is wrong with these people? How can any sane person graft even more language machinery into C++? The mind boggles! Some things in life are beyond understanding.

Here are some quotes to commemorate this occasion:
  • C++ is an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog. —smalltalk.org
  • Programming in C++ is premature optimization.
  • Think of C++ as an object-oriented assembly language. —guile mailing list
  • Life is too long to be an expert at harmful things, including such evilness as C++ and Perl. -Eric Naggum

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