15 May 2008

Windows is a Ghetto

Switching back to Windows after a half year of significant OS X use, it struck me how backward Windows is compared to OS X. There are many points one can make: Windows boots slower. Application installation and management is a mess, and the start menu used to organize applications is unneccesary. The UI is merely serviceable, instead of delicious. The latest version of the OS is a step back. There are hardly any good applications bundled with the OS. There are zillions of settings, and most defaults are wrong. The APIs are badly broken. Integration between the OS and hardware is bad (example: when I use the hardware switch on my Thinkpad to turn off WiFi, Windows tells me it can't connect to my preferred wireless network). Mandatory file locking gets in your way all the time. The third-party application community is a huge wasteland.

Perhaps the worst thing about Windows is not that it's broken, but the realization that you're living in a mindless system where the overlords don't care. That is incredibly soul-killing. Windows is a ghetto. Leave.

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