31 May 2007

It's Who You Know, Not Just What You Know

After watching a couple friends with good connections get things done more than the others, I'm starting to come to that conclusion. One is in South Africa, while I'm still stuck in this third-world country. And another got a lot of interesting things... I don't like this, but people help their friends -- it's the way of the world, and I'd probably be stupid to ignore it and keep working by myself... Work may well be more important than connections in good environments, but the latter is always an advantage, big or small, isn't it?

Is this what growing up is, when you realize that many things in the world are not ideal, and that you will go along rather than try to make things better?

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  1. Shalu8:07 am

    there's a song that i remember from childhood..which goes on like this..
    "the more u grow, the more u know,
    123 that's life.
    u lose and win,
    u r I N in,
    123 that's life". :)
    so yes..as we grow up we realize that life can be unfair and this world is by no means an ideal or fair place. but u know what..herez one of my favorites from the peanuts cartoons. i think..this is how it goes..
    life is very fair, 'coz it's unfair to everyone. :)
    so..yes at every step of the way, we will see people getting unfair advantage or sometimes mediocre people making it big. but i think the way to deal with issues such as these are to stop comparing ourselves with others, and to have our own goals and work towards them in the best possible way we can.
    and as long as we can maintain our own peace, balance, and happiness and enjoy working,and hold on to our own ideals, we can always make things better even if we can never make this world or for that matter any thing or situation ideal.