17 May 2007

Artistic Endeavors

Last week I went to a few art galleries -- Jehangir, National Gallery of Modern Art, etc. Till recently I didn't understand the point of art, but I'm beginning to understand how it appeals to our emotional side, capturing the charms of bygone eras and ways of life, allowing us to escape the concrete jungles we live in, if only mentally, and imagine taking a ride in a horse-cart on a stormy night with the wind blowing open the curtains and a lone lantern swinging in the wind and casting a warm, gentle glow on a village girl taking a ride through unhurried, more peaceful times...

The simple pleasures of life. Here's another one. This time I managed to get a photo so I'll let the art do the talking:

Unfortunately the art galleries frown on photography, denying access to most of the potential audience just because they're physically not in the building. Art should be widely available, and that means it should be online, at high resolution. Who knows how many sales that will spur?

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