8 Oct 2006

Preemptively Scheduling My Life

or, Getting a Life

I finally realized where all my time was going -- learning about programming, computers and various random things for hours on end each day. This is how I was spending most of my time for the past year. I guess it's natural when you first get unlimited internet access and you have a lot of curiosity and interest. But it was leaving me with no time for anything else. Once I asked myself, Is learning all I want in life? , it became clear that I had to cut back, first from reading about things not related to computers, and then from everything in the way of learning. It was a tough decision, but then I want a life. So from now on I'll allot some time to each activity and preempt ones that exhaust their timeslice. Here's what I'll be doing in the near future:
  • Listen to Classical Music (Western) -- started
  • Listen to music without doing anything else simultaneously -- started
  • Swim
  • Play Shuttle & Cricket
  • Go gymming
  • Meditate
  • Read about history (or watch a movie)
  • Watch documentaries once in a while -- started
Life is too important to miss :)


  1. Naresh3:27 pm

    i have been thinking on similar lines for sometime.guess we all seek a balance in our own way.
    wish you all the very best.....

  2. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Kartik!!! The recent plans are nice and inspires me too.........

    Best wishes!


  3. Congratulations! We all will like the new Kartik much more! :P