10 Apr 2006

Screwing the Best 101

So, the politicians want to introduce 49.5% reservation for backward castes of various sorts. This is extremely stupid.

The country would benefit most if opportunity is given to the brightest people. The tests may not be perfect, but I think they select brighter people than those who get in under a quota. A student who's not of IIT caliber can't really perform well by IIT's standards. And how many people who fall in the backward category are really backward? I think reservation is a bad idea and should be scrapped.

We should ideally have a system that selects the brightest people, irrespective of financial ability. Charge no fees - at least not from the poor. Design the entrance tests to measure a person's ability rather than memory, so that people who can't afford coaching can get in. In fact, a stipend can be given to a (poor) student's parents to make up for his absence.

Back to the present. Whether or not reservation is a good thing, 49.5% is just too high. If you agree, speak up! Write blog entries. Participate in protests. Vote against these assholes in the next election. Don't just sit back and watch things go downhill.

Those who condemn politics to be the last resort of a scoundrel are bound to be ruled by scoundrels. -attributed to Pluto.

Last Modified: 15 May 2006

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