29 Oct 2005


After using my computer all day, this evening I was fed up and went for a walk. On the way, I happened to think of the end-to-end refresh problem with transparent HTTP proxies and of Children of a Lesser Python. And then I suddenly noticed the beautiful trees lining the road, the setting sun, the subtle yet vibrant orange sky and the cool breeze. That reminded of the extremely tender love story I'd watched a few days ago. I thought, wouldn't it totally change the quality of my life if I had a lover? There's so much more to life than virtual machines and HTTP GET requests - relationships, love, travel, nature, friendship... How many sunsets had I missed doing programming?

True, if you don't have an interest that sometimes occupies you completely, your life is not worth living. But if all you have are such interests, your life isn't worth it, either.

I realized that Python VMs could be a little slower or faster and guess what? The world will pretty much be the same.

Unfortunately, I have a couple of projects due in a month, so I'll have to return to the same old word of bits and bytes. Atleast for now. Sigh.

(Institutions like IIT may be highly regarded for providing first-rate education. But they go too far, making academics the only thing in your life.)

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  1. Shankar11:11 am

    your sentiments appropriate and how dearly would you want to be able to find that perfect somebody. All the best